Up for a Challenge

“Hey Janet, what would you say to a collaboration?” If you know Janet Warren, you’ll know she couldn’t resist Michael Perkins’ suggestion, and thankfully she didn’t.

Higher Ground Women's Ensemble W/ Sea "T" Sky Big BandIn a rare pairing, the Sea ‘T’ Sky Big Band out of Squamish shared the stage with Higher Ground Women’s Ensemble for three jazz sets in a concert called “It’s All About Jazz.” A significant challenge given the distance between our two groups, but with two experienced directors, and our full trust in them, we were well prepared for our first meeting at the Eagle Eye Theatre in Squamish.

Higher Ground hosted the second show in Edgemont at Highlands United Church.

Higher Ground Women's Ensemble With Sea "T" SkyA concert late Sunday afternoon in a church has a different feel than in a theatre on a Friday night, making the whole experience new and fresh again for us. The standing ovation and calls for an encore made our experimental pairing all the sweeter.

It turns out, the biggest challenge was paying attention for our own queues because we were all so excited to listen to our new partners! Until next time Sea ‘T’ Sky…

– Betsy