Schmeckfest 2015Higher Ground is a dynamic group of singers who enjoy choral music from the past eight centuries.  Ranging in age from eighteen to… much older, these singers are post-secondary students, teachers, business people, technology experts, artists, healthcare workers, mothers, grandmothers–who all share a love of singing.

We are a North Shore-based women’s ensemble who practice once a week for 10-12 weeks. We have two sessions a year.  The first term enables us to welcome new members, go on our yearly retreat, polish some new repertoire, and work on our sound.  The second session in the spring enables us to take our favorite repertoire from the fall, and many new songs, to produce a full-scale show complete with costumes, choreography and staging.

We combine a desire to sing repertoire from all genres with a strong social connection through the music. We celebrate each others joys (new family members, upcoming marriages, new jobs) and support each other through life’s trials. The music allows us to soar. We value each other and the opportunity to work together to create beautiful music.

We are always looking for new members! If you are interested in auditioning for our fall term email: or click here to go to our Contact Us page


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  1. Bakira Riley

    Hi, my name is Bakira and I once sang in the Vancouver women’s ensemble and had a great time. I see that you have auditions for your higher grounds group. I would love to audition and get more information about your group.


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