Hippopotamuses & Other Favourites This Year


Celestial Sounds

“Loved the concert last night – good job!”

It’s hard to tell which was THE crowd favourite this year, but I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas certainly got their attention! Jenny Tennant’s clever choreography had us stomping, frowning, throwing, wiggling, and even turning our backs while Abby Creek – our resident actress – took on the child’s role…

“My favourite part was when she threw the doll and the tinker toy to someone else!”

A crowd pleaser for sure (especially with the little ones), but the competition was tight. During Ice, three of our members strung together a melody of sound effects that gave the sense of ice cracking and shifting.

“I closed my eyes during Ice to picture it… it was so powerful.”

There was something for everyone, whether gospel or Baroque:

“I loved Rockin’ Jerusalem and the Missa Brevis.”

“Singing Missa Brevis, they sounded like monks in an abbey”

Or tearing at the heartstrings:

“They sang the song Music in my Mother’s House by Stuart Stotts and up pops photos of us Moms… it brought tears to my eyes.”

The truth is, Music in my Mother’s House brought tears to our eyes too, which was partly the inspiration for showing pictures of our own mothers.

Gathering photos of our moms and grandmothers for the slideshow was fun, but singing a tribute to those women who inspired us while standing under a screen glowing with their faces was beautiful.

“Your gals have great voices and a great teacher!”

We do have a great teacher, and great accompanists. Julian helps Janet coach us through new songs and on a rare occasion gets caught giggling at us as we hone our acting (you can guess which song).

And, the Capilano Brass are a talented group of men who we were honoured to share the stage with.

We hope everyone has a lovely, safe, melodic Christmas and look forward to singing again for you in the spring!