The gift that keeps on giving

Discovering the season’s new music is like opening a present (over and over again!)

OK, I’ll admit it – I have a strange and wonderful relationship with sheet music! But, I don’t think I’m alone.

2016/17 Higher Ground repertoire

As the new season approached for the Higher Ground Choir, I know I especially was looking forward to learning just what Janet would present to us for the repertoire. Being new to the choir this year, I had some familiarity with the breadth of the choir’s sound, but I eagerly looked forward to holding the sheet music in my hot little hands!

With each new set of sheet music that is distributed, I know I feel a giddy excitement as I scan the outside pages for the title,  and then quickly flip open the booklet to discover the score that awaits us.

Reading the inside pages that describe the origin and purpose of the piece (when provided), and then embracing these as we hear the rhythms for the first time, is blissful!

But, the excitement continues.

As we sing through the piece, reading the lyrics for the first time, and blending our voices to produce the arranged vocal harmonies, more excitement builds. I think to myself, “Hey, this sounds good!”  And even more so, “Hey, WE sound good!” Even the first time through the piece!

There is a mix of jazz, pop, and gospel songs we’ve been introduced to.  We will master pieces in Latin, Basque, and Swahili.  

As we enrich each song with the harmonies that we produce, I feel a new excitement building in the thought of sharing this repertoire with the audience that will join us for the seasonal concert.Yes, like I said earlier, my relationship with sheet music is both strange and wonderful. These first few weeks of being with the choir, have allowed me to indulge that quirkiness and I am looking forward to the weeks ahead where we’ll continue with each of the distributed songs, and receive even more new works, and the “present” each will offer to me, and to our group.

-Pamela Hollington

Pamela sings second soprano and when she’s not singing with the group, is engulfed in card-making and art journaling adventures!

This year we looking forward to joining Friday Night Live concert at Lynn Valley United Church on Friday November 22 in addition to our annual Christmas concert, December 10, 2019–mark your calendars!

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