North Van’s got talent!

Spring 2019

“Choir feeds my soul. On those nights when I think the last thing I want to do is head out again after a long day of work, I come home grateful for the women of Higher Ground and the chance to stretch my voice and create something beautiful!”

Been to a concert and like what you’ve heard? Perhaps you’d like to join us!

Have you ever wondered how Janet gets 30 voices to sound like one in one moment then to spread across our registers in discordant jazz chords or warm Canadiana folk or moving gospel or dynamic classical tones?

Have you found yourself in our audience, on the edge of your seat, eager to blend your voice with ours? Then perhaps now’s your moment to shine-we have some openings coming up for the new season!

Change is never easy, but we are excited some of our sisters are trying on new hats! Whether it’s motherhood or student-hood or who-knows-what-hood, our sisterhood is always growing.

We’re looking for talented singers who know their way around a treble clef.

We start up the second week of September and commit to weekly rehearsals until December, and again January through May. If you are interested, let us know!