Hello 2017/18 Season!

After a 3 month summer hiatus, Higher Ground women’s ensemble is back for our 2017-2018 season. As the summer wound down, the choir countdown began, 8 more sleeps until choir… 7 more sleeps until choir… 6 more… 5 more… Finally the night arrived, and there was an amazingly warm energy in the room – smiles, hugs, catching up, and welcoming new members (we are thrilled to welcome Julie and Erika). Whether it was vacations, local experiences, or just special moments, our members described summers filled with family and friends. And, while the routines of the school year often mean less time with our immediate families, they also mean the reunion of our choir family and the support, connection, and beautiful music that comes with that.

In addition to our socializing, of course there was also singing at our first choir rehearsal. We already have a folder half-full of music, and it is beautiful and diverse. In other words, it is characteristically Higher Ground. With a dramatic improvement in our sight-reading over the years, we are working through our music more quickly. So our audiences can continue to expect more difficulty and more polish with each performance.

Carly with her boysFor me, returning to choir felt like visiting an old friend or coming home after time away. Singing and listening felt wonderful, but what stood out for me was our sense of community. Higher Ground’s feeling of fellowship is uniquely strong, as we have a solid foundation of common interests and values. These include making beautiful music together, but also connecting with other women and supporting our community. So it was no surprise that the top agenda items for our first meeting were about our fundraising plans for the year. Which fundraising events will we participate in? Who will we donate a portion of our proceeds to? I am pleased to report that this year our audiences will have several opportunities to experience our community while benefitting the larger community. Stayed tuned!

– Carly McIntyre 

Carly sings first alto (sometimes second soprano), has a wicked sense of humour, and is mom to two adventurous boys who keep her on her toes!

This year we looking forward to joining Yule Duel 2017 in addition to our annual Christmas concert, December 12, 2017–mark it in your calendars!

For a look at past and upcoming concerts, click on our Performances page.