Choir babies

Another season of Higher Ground has come to a close and we are currently on our break for the summer. This past season was a different one for me because in February, my husband and I welcomed our first child, a baby girl.

A lot of my friends and family assumed that I would take a break from singing once the baby arrived but I knew that Higher Ground was the kind of choir where I would not have to do that. I returned to choir, baby in tow, when my daughter was a week and a half old and I continued to bring her with me to rehearsals for the next several weeks.

Our choir is full of mothers and grandmothers, and many women before me have brought their little ones to rehearsals for the first couple of months of their lives. Everyone is always excited for a new “choir baby.” Often my daughter spent a good part of the rehearsal in someone else’s arms, allowing me to have both hands free – quite the treat! Even our director, Janet – an experienced grandma herself! – conducted an entire piece one rehearsal with the baby asleep in one arm! Despite being a nervous new mom, I felt completely comfortable as my daughter was passed from person to person; my trust in these women extends far beyond the realms of music making.

In April, we welcomed yet another choir baby when Jen, one of our sopranos had a baby boy and again we had the excitement of a tiny baby at our rehearsals!

Being a first time parent to a newborn can be isolating. There can be a lot of time spent alone at home with the baby. Being able to bring my baby to rehearsal with me allowed me to remain a part of this community and keep singing through this  transition. It was wonderful to be able to have a couple of hours a week where I thought about something other than diapers and feeding schedules.

I’m ending this season of singing with an even deeper appreciation for this community of women. I have felt so supported by them as I entered this new stage of life. I am looking looking forward to September when we will start working on the exciting new repertoire that Janet has selected for us. And I am looking forward to my baby spending Tuesday evenings at home with her dad!

– Mika Chircoski

Mika is a second soprano who is currently on maternity leave from her job as a lawyer. Her daughter Georgia is now four months old. Georgia plans to make sure her Mom’s voice doesn’t get rusty over the break by having her sing the Eensy Weensy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus again and again and again and again…

Watch this space for concert announcements and updates!