Author: Courtney Beaudet

And… we’re back!

Higher Ground members excitedly gathered September 10 to begin our fall season. After our 2 month break there was much to catch up on! We warmly welcomed 3 new members and appreciate how well they are fitting in with both the personality and sound of our choir.


This past weekend we gathered for our annual retreat (or as one member aptly referred to it, “choral bootcamp”) in whistler. We all piled into cars early Friday morning, coffee in hand, ready to sing our butts off. The retreat was, as always, an excellent opportunity to get a solid start on our music for the term, and a chance to connect with one another. It was mentioned last night at rehearsal that we believe the beautiful sound of higher ground is enhanced through both the connection and spirit of inclusivity among the choir members. While we worked hard for the 24 hours we were together, we also had fun with a scavenger hunt (in the POURING rain), silly skits, zumba, and a lovely dinner out Saturday night. Thanks to all the members for their hard work and making the weekend such a positive experience for everyone!


In other news, I would like to welcome our newest choir baby born just before retreat! We can’t wait to meet him.