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The Art of Choral Programming

More than 20 years ago I began my choral conducting and composing education in university. My first assignment was putting together a mock choral program for an imaginary youth choir’s spring concert. I found the process challenging and fascinating and have had an interest in it ever since. Shortly thereafter I directed a church choir for two years and for the last three years have run a “glee club” program at our local school for about 15 kids a term. These experiences along with singing in great choirs like Higher Ground have given me some insight into how to put music together for a concert.

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Interview with Jenny Morgan

Photo credit: Laura Krutz

Until recently, Jenny Morgan stood with me and my fellow altos and sang solos in songs like Music in my Mother’s House and Blame it on my Youth. The first time I heard her voice, goosebumps stood the hair on my neck straight up.

Jenny has other hidden talents, one of which is composing music. In fact, Higher Ground will debut one of her compositions, Like Barley Bending, during our upcoming spring concert. Not being a composer myself, I asked her about her connection with music.

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