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A North Vancouver-based Women's Choir

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The Art of Choral Programming

More than 20 years ago I began my choral conducting and composing education in university. My first assignment was putting together a mock choral program for an imaginary youth choir’s spring concert. I found the process challenging and fascinating and have had an interest in it ever since. Shortly thereafter I directed a church choir for two years and for the last three years have run a “glee club” program at our local school for about 15 kids a term. These experiences along with singing in great choirs like Higher Ground have given me some insight into how to put music together for a concert.

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PSST! Don’t tell anyone, but we have a crush on our accompanist

This week marked Higher Ground’s first rehearsal after the summer break. Returning after a few months away from choir, I felt a renewed appreciation for the fact that I get to spend my Tuesday evenings with this wonderful group of people. And as our accompanist Julian Pattison began to play the first few notes of our warm-up on the piano, I thought about the important role an accompanist plays in a choir and specifically the important role Julian plays in Higher Ground.