Summer break

Choir party 6

“What do you mean, it’s over?” That’s what I blurted out when a choir mate announced our last practice for 2013/2014. It hadn’t occurred to me that we would take summer off.

I felt panic rise from that spot in my belly from where I pull air when I’m readying for a sustained note. I had to use my toes to tally the 16 weeks before we would meet again because I didn’t have enough fingers! That’s 4 months! 112 days! 2688 hours!

No matter which way I worked it out, it just felt longer and longer.

When we gathered for our year-end party, Janet was already humming with anticipation as she told us her plans for next year’s repertoire:

Well, here it is nearly the end of July; we’re over the hump and I’ve survived. Over the last couple of months, some of the others continued performing and mentoring budding artists. I’ve enjoyed reacquainting myself with my guitar and piano—they were feeling somewhat “flat” since I abandoned them last September.

I think I can wait patiently for the choir to reconvene for practice in another 7 weeks… can you?