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A Community of Singers

Schemeckfest 2016Schmeckfest.  European festival where one eats plates of sausages, or German expletive someone makes when they fall down the stairs?  While the sound of this word may conjure up many images, lucky for us, it means none of the above! “Schmeck”, according to event organizer Larry Nickel, is a term German Mennonites once used to describe beautiful singing or “taste”.   So in effect, “Schmeckfest” is actually a concert where many choirs come together to experience or “taste” the sounds of other choirs.  And what a community it is!


New Year’s Wishes

Happy New Year! As a welcome to new and ongoing followers, Heather Soderling, one of our sopranos whose favourite note to sing is D, and who is aiming to hit a solid high B, has written about what Higher Ground brings to her life.

I grew up in North Vancouver, but have not always lived here. My work has taken me far from the beautiful mountains of the North Shore, but I have always found my way back. And on my last (hopefully permanent) return, I knew without question that I would also return to Higher Ground. It hit me again tonight, as I gathered my music folder and headed out the door for our first rehearsal after the winter break. I had really missed singing with these women.


Summer break

Choir party 6

“What do you mean, it’s over?” That’s what I blurted out when a choir mate announced our last practice for 2013/2014. It hadn’t occurred to me that we would take summer off.

I felt panic rise from that spot in my belly from where I pull air when I’m readying for a sustained note. I had to use my toes to tally the 16 weeks before we would meet again because I didn’t have enough fingers! That’s 4 months! 112 days! 2688 hours!

No matter which way I worked it out, it just felt longer and longer. (more…)