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Choir babies

Another season of Higher Ground has come to a close and we are currently on our break for the summer. This past season was a different one for me because in February, my husband and I welcomed our first child, a baby girl.

A lot of my friends and family assumed that I would take a break from singing once the baby arrived but I knew that Higher Ground was the kind of choir where I would not have to do that. I returned to choir, baby in tow, when my daughter was a week and a half old and I continued to bring her with me to rehearsals for the next several weeks. (more…)

Benefit Concert for Spectrum Mother’s Support Society

In a bonus spring performance, Higher Ground is excited to team up with Zephyra Women’s Choir to raise money for Spectrum Mother’s Support Society.

A Woman's Voice Benefit Concert

Under the leadership of Fiona Blackburn, this chamber choir draws on the talents of highly trained musicians “who wish to sing the most beautiful, challenging and exhilarating choral music ever written for the female voice.”

Paired with our own Janet Warren, this dynamic duo will conduct the voices of 50+ women through a moving set of songs that celebrate the strength and resilience women demonstrate day-to-day. The title track says it all:

A Woman’s Voice can sing any song
A woman’s voice can be sure and strong
It can touch your soul, it can clear your skies
Singing battle hymns or lullabies

What a fitting tribute!